Co-host Michael Jerrick gives AGOGIE another shout out after the CEO reaches out and thanked him for the previous mention. 

5 November 2020

Company News
St. Louis-based AGOGIE wants to help make getting in a workout a bit easier. All it involves is getting dressed. Launched in 2017, the "resistance apparel" startup has developed pants with built-in resistance bands aimed at helping those who wear them strengthen muscles ...

4 November 2020

Co-host of Good Day Philadelphia, Michael Jerrick, finds AGOGIGE while surfing on Instagram during his boredom of the US Presidential election night results. 

4 November 2020

AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants are the perfect gift idea for the fitness-minded person in your life. These pants, made for both men and women, have resistance bands built right into the pants themselves. These bands force your muscles to constantly work to keep them st...

31 October 2020

You might miss the point of these pants at first glance—but there's more than meets the eye. Bands are sewn into the compression fabric to give you an increased level of resistance to get more out of whatever you're doing, from walking to running to the workout of your c...

17 August 2020

These Agogie workout pants are unlike anything your Dad has in his closet. These workout pants have resistant bands built into them. Therefore, you can build strength and speed while also toning and burning fat just by doing your everyday activities. In addition, these p...

12 June 2020

If you're looking to increase the intensity of your workout, it may be as simple as changing your pants. I recently traded in my usual leggings for Agogie Resistance Pants ($130), and whew, do they make you work.

7 May 2020

Personal trainer and former pro football player Myron Flowers recommends Agogie Resistance Pants. Eight built-in resistance bands add constant tension to every movement. They can even turn a vacuuming session into a calorie-burning and muscle toning workout. The pants co...

5 May 2020

We are advancing at an obscene pace in nearly all facets of civilization, so there’s absolutely no reason why we should continue to exercise like pilgrims. The innovators at AGOGIE are committed to changing that.

28 April 2020

Never in my many years of living did I think, “Wow, you know, I’d love to put resistance bands in my pants.” Yes, I’ve used ‘em during my workouts, grunting with each strenuous kickback in the hopes my quads and calves would grow into the tree trunks I’ve glimpsed on the...

27 April 2020