Never in my many years of living did I think, “Wow, you know, I’d love to put resistance bands in my pants.” Yes, I’ve used ‘em during my workouts, grunting with each strenuous kickback in the hopes my quads and calves would grow into the tree trunks I’ve glimpsed on the...

27 April 2020

While the gym is closed and you’re spending more time at your computer, every minute of activity counts. That’s where these men’s and women’s pants from local company Agogie come in. They have eight built-in resistance bands that add constant tension to every movement, h...

2 April 2020

Stephanie Mansour (Step It Up with Steph) shows off the AGOGIE resistance band pants on the Tamron Hall show. 

20 January 2020

Dr. Ian Smith, author of “Clean and Lean” says these four items can help you stay consistent in your health goals for 2020.

6 January 2020

The Agogie resistance training pants have resistance bands built into them, which intensifies workouts. “I wear them during my strength training, speed and agility, explosive jumps, and movements,” says Flowers. Men’s +40 Resistance Pants; $130; Agogie

23 December 2019

Who would have thought that you can get a workout just by walking the aisles at the supermarket? Whether you are enjoying a brisk walk with the dog or taking the kids for a walk through the park, you can burn more calories, build strength, and tone muscles with these AGO...

19 December 2019

Agogie resistance wearable equipment has built-in resistance bands that add a layer of in-line resistance over the natural muscle and ligament lines, creating an exoskeleton of resistance. Think about it as adding gravity to every motion rather than adding weight. This h...

15 December 2019

I have been wearing these off and on for about 2 weeks now and I have already felt like I am noticing a difference. Surprisingly these are quite comfortable, after a few minutes, you forget that you are wearing them, but once you take them off you can feel the difference...

1 December 2019

13. Resistance Training Pants that Make Every Step Count

22 November 2019

AGOGIE Resistance Band Pants were featured on Better Kansas City.

5 November 2019